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Thread: upgrading kde

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    upgrading kde

    I just got linux the other day... Maybe 2 days ago. I was looking around
    at websites on how to customize the way it looks. So far the
    kde 3.0 looks pretty cool. So........ I was wondering how i go about
    upgrading to 3.0 or 3.1. Trust me.. i've read the files at,
    it just seems very hard to me for some reason to download and
    upgrade to 3.0. I think, well, im pretty sure i am running kde 2.2.2 .
    I'm switching from windows to linux and it's being really hard on me,
    and im very frustrated at all this. Also, i wanted to install the chat client
    BitchX, and it told me i didnt have a C++ compilier. So im lost yet again.
    Someone help me figure out this KDE stuff.. and just the basics
    of downloading stuff on linux. I dont understand why everything
    comes in 20+ files. Any help on how to install this new KDE ...would be great!!! (Red Hat 7.2)


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    Re:upgrading kde

    Hmmm, 2 day old Linux user wanting to upgrade his RH 7.2 box to KDE 3. :P

    Just upgrade your box to Red Hat 7.3, which comes with KDE 3 and save yourself a lot of time and trouble.

    It is possible to upgrade 7.2 to KDE 3, but this is not a job for a newbie.

    Jim H

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    Re:upgrading kde

    Yea i just tried.. and i kinda messed up my system so i formatted. Now im just gonna try the BitchX thing. I suppose i should figure out 7.2 before i go to 7.3. All i want is my IRC and able to play some games. I'll see what i can do.

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    Re:upgrading kde

    Quote Originally Posted by teknik0s
    Yea i just tried.. and i kinda messed up my system so i formatted. .

    I use X-Chat for IRC. It comes with Red Hat 7.x. Never used BitchX

    Jim H

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    Re:upgrading kde

    8) Xchat 8)

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    Re:upgrading kde

    i was counting since the last time you reformatted, it took 205,345,234,487 seconds. phew, now i can stop :P. yeah, go with RH 7.3, and save the trouble. also, if you get 20 files with every downlaod, its because you keep DLing tarballs. use the rpms, they are noobtastic, i have them for breakfst everymorning :P ;D ;D

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    Re:upgrading kde

    do you have them with milk?

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    Re:upgrading kde

    yeah, i set the commands into the console, then unplug the keyboard, pour in the 2%, and gnaw on the number pad. mmmm ABS plastic...... ;D ;D

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