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    Here is another stuipid question from me. I installed some programs through yast2. I then hit alt-F2 and typed it in...nothing happens. This was gcal. I also installed calctool and did the same procedure and it came up...what gives? Thanks.

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    You could open up an xterm, and type 'whereis gcal'
    it could be somewhere that isn't in your path, although that seems unlikely. You can also run 'whereis calctool' just to be sure that's there as well. I'd say try running them from a term, just to be sure they don't work, plus that way it might output something to STDERR, which will give you more info

    I assume you're compiling from source after reading your other posts. Have you bothered trying the rpms?

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    I will try your suggestions, thanks. These particular programs I installed this morning from Yast off of the DVD. Like I said, some run, some dont. I have had even worse luck with compiling, only being successful with Netscape and one or 2 others. Most times I compile, I dont get far. Of course, I havent had much better luck with rpms either. I have a million questions and a real strong desire to ditch MS. Just dont have enough time to work on it as much as I want.

    But, my 12 year old daughter did her book report in AbiWord in Linux last night. My kids are real excited about Linux.

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    Well that's good to hear!

    If/when I have kids, they will be in a non-Microsoft house, that's for sure.

    If you post the errors you're getting from make, i'm sure some of us can give you a hand. And I'm sure JimH or some others will be able to help with the rpm errors.

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