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Thread: deleting apache

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    deleting apache


    I had apache up and running - but I couldn't get the PHP up and running. So I read a few howto's and tried one and other, but the result now is that it isn't working at all anymore > and i don't know all I tried and changed :-[

    I want to delete apache and start all over so I'll know what I'm doing. Is it OK just to delete everything with http in it? or is there a kind of clean way to delete programs? (So that it removes all linked and needed items).

    Apache was not installed by a rpm (I know the command to remove that) but was build from source.

    Sorry for the burden!

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    Re:deleting apache

    I you still have the source installed that you used to compile apache, you can try: make uninstall. Sometimes the uninstall option is included. I don't know if it is with apache.

    I definitely would not recommend deleting anything with http in it.

    You might mount the Suse cd that has apache rpm on it. Then use this to display a listing of the files it contains. This will give you an idea of what was installed. More then likely however the rpm will be installing apache in a different place. Compiling apache from source probably put most of the files in /usr/local.

    rpm -qpl /full/path/to/cd/apache-whatever.rpm

    Of course you don't have to use the full path if are already in the directory where the apache rpm is.

    Jim H

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    Re:deleting apache

    Thanks !

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    Re:deleting apache

    Quote Originally Posted by JimH
    I definitely would not recommend deleting anything with http in it.
    Hmmm, I think that should have been:

    I definitely would not recommend deleting everything with http in it.

    Jim H

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