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Thread: Gentoo 1.2

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    Gentoo 1.2

    According to the ftp's, it looks like Gentoo 1.2 is now available.

    Also 1.3a seems to be on there too...

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    Re:Gentoo 1.2

    Coooool. 8) I missed that, but then I have not booted my Gentoo installl in quite a while.

    Jim H

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    Re:Gentoo 1.2

    1.3a will be completely gcc3.1 compliant I guess, which is interesting.

    Another little interesting thing I heard is that Gentoo1.2 is shipping with 2.4.19pre*

    I'm not sure which pre though.

    Can anyone confirm that?

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    Re:Gentoo 1.2

    1.1a was using 2.4.19pre*.

    I might have to try 1.3a. Red Hat will ship their next release with GCC 3.1 as the default compiler. They have already moved to it for compiling everything in rawhide.

    Jim H

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    Re:Gentoo 1.2

    I upgraded my Gentoo install last night. Started it before I went to bed and it was done when I got up. I still need to compile the lastest kernel.

    Jim H

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