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Thread: New video BIOS for Intel 830 on Linux

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    New video BIOS for Intel 830 on Linux

    As promised, I'm updating this for anyone else who is having the issue I am. I have a Dell Inspiron 2600, w/ Intel 830M card, the problem is, the BIOS makes the Intel only use 1MB of RAM, therefore I can only run X-Windows in 640x480. In order to resolve this (until Dell fixes the BIOS, currently the BIOS is shadowed and u cannot change it) you can download a driver for this and many other cards at

    I haven't gotten it to work yet, I don't know Linux, so I have no idea to comile a kernel and all that jazz. The Demo is free, and you can re-install it as many times as you like. When either Intel or Dell fixes it long term, I'll definitely let you know.

    JimH and Spot, please move this post so others can benefit. There were a LOT of people on Dell's forum that had this issue. I would like to return the favor and help as many as I can.

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    Re:New video BIOS for Intel 830 on Linux

    Sheeez, only 1mb of RAM set aside for graphics memory? That nuts. Hopefully they will come out with a BIOS update to fix their stupidity.

    Jim H

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