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Thread: Trying to install lnx4win MD 8.2

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    Trying to install lnx4win MD 8.2

    I am trying to install lnx4win on my friends computer to help him migrate to linux but i am getting an error when i boot from cd press f1 and type lnx4win then the error says not found I downloaded the iso image 2 times and get the same error I am not the only person that has had this problem I have only 10 months experience with linux RH and 1 month with MD......... ???

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    Re:Trying to install lnx4win MD 8.2

    as far as i know, lnx4win died at about version 8
    my 6.2 cd has it on, but not my 8 or 8.1
    try something like winlinux2000 or phatlinux if you want a version that runs on the windows partition


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