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Thread: Hard disk backup

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    Hard disk backup

    The scenario :
    we have 2 hard disks on our server(30 GB each). One of 'em is running Linux & the other one isn't formatted yet.
    we Need to back-up the full system from drive 1 to drive 2(almost like cloning the 1st drive to 2nd).
    Can anyone please show me the procedure to go 'bout doin this job ?

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    Re:Hard disk backup

    so you want a full bootable mirror?
    if you want to go commercial, you can get drive image form powerquest. this is windows based, but i think you can make a boot disk and go from that

    Or, for the path of open source that we all know and love, try Partition image

    Hope this helps


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    Re:Hard disk backup

    Some basic information and lots of links to backup programs/scripts.

    If you are looking for a commerical solution.



    Jim H

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