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Thread: 5 min. stop booting: THE SOLUTION!!!

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    5 min. stop booting: THE SOLUTION!!!

    This post is just to tell to all people who read my session and my asks (SPOT in particular, thanks again!) what the problem was.
    I discovered it by reading the boot log (why I didn't it before!!??). There was right a 5 min. process exactly in that position of the boot. The log say "loading mod. bttv".
    I discovered that the problem is a PCI card for video capture (Aver EZ-capture). It seems to be correctly recognized and installed, but if I take off (physically!) Mandrake's boot is absolutely regular!! 8) Whithout any stop! ;D
    I disinstalled (software) the card, but if it is present in the PCI slot the boot stop anyway, in the same point. (Plug&Play??).
    Is there somebody who is able to solve the problem now? In particular I DON'T need the card under Linux, but I use it under Win!
    Many thanks!

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    Re:5 min. stop booting: THE SOLUTION!!!

    You might try turning off "kudsu" in your Mandrake Control Center. "drakconf" as root in a terminal. Then uninstall everything that pertains to "video capture".

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