I have a question hope jim or and visitor here can guide me to the solution !
the question is:
i have two adsl lease line connected to two router and then connect to a subnet.
lease line1 lease line2
__l__ __l__
l l l l
l_LR1_l l_LR2_l
l l
__l___________________l____192.168.0.0 network

if i connect my network as shown at diagram above,
every client pc inside network can configure there default gateway to LR1 or LR2 (nic) ip address depends on which lease line they want to use.right? (each linux router consist 2 ethernet card)
__________________________________________________ __
and now,

lease line1 lease line2
l l
l l
l____ ____l
l l
l LR l
___l____ network

if i configure my network as shown at above, can i choose some's subnet use lease line1 and some subnet use lease line2 without change the client pc default gateway? and so that i can save a linux router. (linux router here consist 3 ethernet card).

let assume, i have seubnet and now i want subnet use lease line 1 and use lease line 2. all network stated here are connectted to a D-Link (DES 1024R) 10/100 Fast/Ethernet switch. how can i do that or which external program can perform this function?

i'm using Redhat 7.3 (valhalla).