More on Yast2 Online Update :-)

I'm using SuSE 8.0 and, recently, I've been trying to get YaST2 Online Update (YOU) working and can't and suggestions of using fou4s & apt4rpm were made which I tried. All of these packages exhibit similar symptoms in that they are unable to communicate with the Internet (this despite the fact that I DO have a working proxied internet connection) and I am almost certain that this is where my real problem lies.

Obviously these programs do not (cannot?) take their connection configuration parameters from the base KDE3 (same as Konqueror 3) proxy configuration settings as that works for Konqueror Browsing but not for YOU, fou4s or apt4rpm. Nor (though I am less sure about this) do they take them from YaST2 --> System --> Sysconfig Editor --> Network --> Proxy --> FTP_PROXY & HTTP_PROXY which reflects itself in the /etc/sysconfig/proxy file. I say I am less sure about that because, being a newbie, I may have put in the wrong information or it may simply not work with the proxy that I have which is IP address & port based (e.g. so my FTP_PROXY & HTTP_PROXY settings (as in the file mentioned above) are set as:


I have also tried:


and others but with no success.

These settings do not apparently reflect themselves as memory variables which is what I assume the Linux command SET does (i.e. much the same as, though more than, the DOS command SET).

Does anyone actually know for sure exactly where it these applications (any of them) get their proxy connection info from and exactly what format that configuration info can or should take (like I say my home proxy is based on IP and port).