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    Trying to install a program...I run ./configure and it runs for a while and then give me this:

    In the prefix youve chosen, are no kde headers installed, This will fail
    So, check this please and use another prefix!


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    You are trying to install a program that uses kdelibs. If you are currently using KDE as your DE (Desktop Environtment), then you have to specify a prefix for the libraries. Usually you would have to type:

    /configure --prefix=/opt/kde

    Really depends on what distro you're using, as the directories vary.

    If you're not using KDE (ie you don't have kdelibs installed), then you have to install it.

    Last, if you're using an rpm based distro (such as Mandrake, RedHat, SuSE, every other distro :P ) , then I think you're better off installing those. Most developers and distros make rpms avalaible. This would handle any dependency issues you have as well.

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    thanks for the help, that got me past the ./configure part, but when I type make it says that I am missing a separator and gives me error 1.

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    Could you post the actual error message so we could take a look? Also, what proggie are you trying to install? Maybe someone here might have had the same experience.

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