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Thread: Hard drive moving

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    Hard drive moving

    If I take a hard drive from an existing linux box, and connect it as a slave on a different box, can I access it, (I am the superuser, and have the same password on both boxes), when i tried this i could not see the files I want to copy.I could mount the drive /dev/hdc Ok.
    Is this impossible, or is thier some tip I should Know setting up the drives ?



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    Re:Hard drive moving

    You should be able to without too much hassle, just make sure you know the filesystem type and partition structure before you try to mount anything.

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    Re:Hard drive moving

    Like Spot said this will work fine.

    You mounted the drive, but you cannot see the files you want to copy? Are you sure you mounted the right partition?

    Jim H

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    Re:Hard drive moving

    are you mounting "/dev/hdc" or something like /dev/hdc1?
    you also have to specify the partition number, 1,2,3 etc.

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