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    brand new Suse 8.0 installation, I pull up Kooka, but cant make it scan...I have a Canon D125OUF scanner, which I think is installed...any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Hmmmm, I don't see that scanner listed as supported.

    From looking at Canon's website that scanner appears to be a new model. I doubt it is going to be supported. :'(

    Jim H

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    This is from the manpage sane-canon. The sane backend for Canon scanners.

    No parallel port and USB scanners are supported and there are no plans to support them in the future.

    There is a new alpha driver for the Canon usb 630U. I found this in the docs for it.


    Due to Canon's unwillingness to provide scanner documenta*
    tion, this software was developed by analyzing the USB
    traffic of the Windows 2000 driver. So things like the
    calibration procedure I kind of made up; it seems to work
    for my scanner

    So it would appear Canon doesn't support Open Source driver development. :'( >

    Jim H

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