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Thread: Total newbie trying to use a proxy

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    Pocket Universe

    Total newbie trying to use a proxy

    Hi there. I am a total newbie as far as Linux is concerned so please, keep any replies as "user friendly" as possible.

    Scenario: I got tired of the evil empire (MS) and I bought SuSe Pro 8.0, installed it beside Win XP Home (couldn't bring myself to go purely Linux). The problem is this: I am using another computer as a proxy-server in order to share my internet-connection. The only problem is that I don't know how to setup SuSe to connect to this Proxy. In fact, I haven't even managed to setup the network.

    The Proxy:
    IP (inside the network):
    IP (on the internet-side): DHCP

    The settings I want SuSe to use:

    PLEASE help me, I'm lost among the Wizards (YaST, KDE Control center etc.).

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    First things ....

    Hi Pocket U,

    First of all is your DHCP working? Have you tested that fact with other (say Windows) clients? If not then you have to be sure that you have set up a range of IP addresses for your XP DHCP server to serve.

    Personally I use Win2K server (at present, planning to switch to Linux when I've learned enough about it) as my central server and DHCP using the 192.168.1.x range and I server out addresses from to 254 so my first IP client is usually

    Let me know waht you've done about this and I'll do my best to help with the rest :-)


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