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Thread: Root Configuration

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    Root Configuration


    I'm using SuSE Linux 8.0 and I can configure my own UserID fine but I can't seem to change things like the Root users desktop ... may not seem much but I'd like to get rid of the awful background that SuSE, by default, supply.

    I log on as "root", right click the desktop, select configure desktop and then select background. I switch to no wallpaper and give the desktop an nice vertical gradient colour but when I log off and on again it switches back to the original desktop.

    This happens on another machine too!


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    Re:Root Configuration

    Hmmm, check some of the other Suse 8.0 threads. I remember johnq posting something about a problem with Suse 8.0 not saving preferences. He posted the fix/workaround too.

    Jim H

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    Re:Root Configuration

    Thanks Jim,

    The solution is to create a configuration file:

    touch /root/.skel/kdebase3

    ... all configuration changes are then kept :-)


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