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Thread: Mandrake 8.1 & 8.2 BOOT

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    Re:Mandrake 8.1 & 8.2 BOOT

    Quote Originally Posted by DrWhOz
    cat /etc/hosts localhost.localdomain localhost server
    Problem here ^^^^^
    It's a "one word hostname", like was mentioned previously. You can safely remove the line " server" from your hosts file.
    cat /etc/sysconfig/network

    again ^^^^^^^^
    The "one word hostname"
    Change that line to read:
    cat /etc/sysconfig/networking/profiles/default/network

    Don't worry about not having that file.

    Hopefully after all this something positive will happen

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    Re:Mandrake 8.1 & 8.2 BOOT

    cool, thanks spot.
    that /etc/hosts entry with is just what i have to remove to get my comp worling proper again ;D ;D

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    Re:Mandrake 8.1 & 8.2 BOOT

    I'm afraid... It does not works!!! :-\
    I modified the files as you suggested me, but NOTHING change in the boot. But now when I log as "root" it tells me
    "Impossible to solve internet address for server. It's possible to solve the problem adding server to the file /etc/hosts". I always choosed "continue without add". I verified more than once that those files were modified and they are right. But the "5 min stop" is the same as before...
    I want to report you the starting of my boot:

    - running DevFs daemon
    - Unmounting initrd
    - config. kernel parameters
    - setting clock (localtime):.......
    - loading keyboard
    - name host localhost (this before was server)
    - checking root filesystem
    /dev/hda1:clean,73050/448000 files, 234058/895615
    - remounting root filesystem in read-write mode
    - swap partitions activation
    - finding module dependancies (OK in 2 sec.)
    - checking filesystems
    - mounting local filesystems
    And so on...

    All the options before (and after) the stop point received an "OK" in a very fast way, and then the system boot up in a perfect way, without any problem.
    I really don't know what I can do... Have I to return to Win?? :-X

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    Re:Mandrake 8.1 & 8.2 BOOT

    Unfortunately, I don't know where to go next :-\

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    Re:Mandrake 8.1 & 8.2 BOOT

    Thanks a lot anyway Spot! Thanks for all the time you spent for me!!
    I think that I'll try again, also to reinstall or to install another version (I have SuSe too). I really love Linux, also if I'm a newbie... I have a lot of experience with Win and Dos, but I think that Linux is better! So I WANT to use (and to learn ;D it!). I'll always read this board, and I want to read anything about Linux/Unix (if you have any suggestion...).
    Just the last thing: if I want to delete ALL the Linux partitions BEFORE reinstall the system, how can I do it? On the HD I have just Linux, so no problems! Another thing: so, reinstalling Linux I have to avoid the PC name (as server for ex.) and the IP ( for ex.)??
    Many many thanks to you and to all that have helped me!!
    Have a good work Spot!! I hope to hear from you soon on this board! For anything I want you know my mail address:

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