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Thread: SUSE 8.0 Highpoint RAID

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    SUSE 8.0 Highpoint RAID

    Hello all. I am a new Linux user and am going to be installing SUSE 8.0. I was wondering if anyone has installed SUSE onto a RAID array successfully. Bascially I am under the assumption that I will have to do some configuring upon the install, but was wondering if anyone had any specific problems doing this???

    In case anyone is wondering it's an onboard Highpoint RAID Controller. SUSE 7.3 supported it I believe, but I cannot find it listed for 8.0.

    Any comments are appreciated


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    Re:SUSE 8.0 Highpoint RAID

    Red Hat supports the highpoint 366/370 controllers out of the box. There is currently no Open Source support for newer highpoint controllers. highpoint does offer binary drivers for their 372/374 controllers, but I dont know what specific distributions these support.

    Highpoints website

    I looked on Suse's website, but they apparently don't put their documentation on there website or I didn't see it.

    Jim H

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