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Thread: Graphics configuration in Mandrake 8.2

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    Graphics configuration in Mandrake 8.2

    I had 8.0 installed and running fine with a resolution of 1280x1024 and 16bit
    colour. This is pretty much what I was running in Windows except i had 32bit
    there. The graphics card i have is the Kyro2 or Hercules Prophet 3D 2. I
    thought this graphics card might be a bit of a problem since its obviously
    going to be less well supported in linux and the manufacturers wont put as much
    effort into developing drivers for it, but then i saw it was supported in
    Mandrake 8.2 and Hercules had released drivers for it under 8.1/8.2.

    I got the 3 CDs from my m8's dad and tried to do the update option which seemed
    to take a long time updating the packages but worked in the end. 8.2 has more
    options for which res and bitrate you want to run your graphics at so i chose
    the settings i had previously used in Windows, 1280x1024 32bit. The
    installation finished and it rebooted fine, then X didnt load and i started to
    get worried. I dont know much about Linux commands so i decided a reinstall
    would be the best idea.

    It seemed logical to me that if my graphics card didnt
    support the settings i had chosen then i wouldnt get a GUI on boot, so i
    lowered the settings to less demanding levels of 1024x768 and 16bit. This
    loaded the GUI fine, unfortunately not with the settings i had chosen. Instead
    of getting 1024x768, X loaded in 800x600 which i figured wasnt such a problem
    since i can be easily changed.

    On changing the graphics settings from ControlCentre > Display i was prompted
    with a dialogue box telling me to reboot. I did this and X loaded again in
    800x600 dispite telling it to boot in 1280x1024. I tried some more options and
    saw in the expert mode that i could choose graphics card and monitor settings.
    KYRO series is the closest available from what i could see but this is
    presumably for the KYRO1 chipset rather than the KYRO2 chipset which i have. I
    changed the monitor settings to a better model representing the one which i
    have and rebooted again. On load i checked all the settings and it was again
    running in 800x600 and with the old monitor setting rather than the new one i

    The only explanation for this that i can come up with is that the config isnt
    saving the settings i enter.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem before or could you suggest any
    solutions for me?

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    Re:Graphics configuration in Mandrake 8.2

    Hmmm, XFree86 4.2.0 doesn't seem to have native support for the kyro2. The drivers Mandrake comes with must be the ones PowerVR provides. Not much information on their website either.

    I would like to see your /var/log/XFree86.0.log and your /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 files. These files are not small. Especially the log. :P

    The log is going to be longer then is allowed in a post. We need to setup webmai for GLO members for these kind of things.l

    Jim H

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