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Thread: Future of linux

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    Future of linux

    any other comments?

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    Re:Future of linux

    I reckon Linux has a future.
    I see it in the server arena primarily.

    Frims have invested heavily in M$ and their employees are used to the product.

    There are many overheads (training, servicing, downtime) involved with a move to another OS, also Linux is a complicated OS which many users would find very difficult to operate.

    The IT community is getting pissed with M$ though, the latest licensing scam and the inherent unreliability and security issues weigh heavily on CTO's. Apart from the cost.

    Also, with the developing world slowly and surely coming on board, coupled with some anti-US sentiment Linux/StarOffice is becoming a serious threat to Gate's domination and vision of the future.

    It's in the hands of the lawyers. Look at what happened to Napster (the powers that be see IT as a BIG threat, encryption, security, terrorism).

    I hope the judges have the courage to check M$ for their anti-competitve and monopolistic behaviour and help create and environment where Linux/GNU thrives, i think they will, there will be an otcry if they don't.

    My pennies worth..


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