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Thread: XINE

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    i wanted to play a DVD in XINE, which i assume is possible, but i got he following error message:

    -xine engine error-
    there is no available input plug in available to handle 'xine-ui version 0.9.8

    do i have to configure it or something?

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    what have you installed??
    just xine-libs?

    heres some instructions that i follow to get it working (thx, Spot)
    also, the other files, so save u the stress of finding them

    just follow the instructions step by step


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    cool, i will do that as soon as i get home from work

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    ill delete the files in a few hrs, so anyone else that wants them, get in quick

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    Delete them?? i won't get back from work until sunday morning. (night shift at the Boston Globe, someone has to make sure the sunday paper gets out)

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    ok, ill leave them on for a week

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    ;D ;D ;D
    someone (hi aragorn) might want to consider a more permant home for them
    [me=alastair]looks at the help section[/me]

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    I went through the instructions sent by Spot and go xine to start up but without the d4d plugin.

    I tried all weekend with this. I defo installed the plugin, generated the rpm from the script etc but no joy.

    Finally in my desperation i installed the rpm and hey presto runs like a dream, i am REALLY impressed by what the guys at xine are achieving! I played my encrypted "Deep Blue Sea2 with no problems and the sound was amazing.

    I have been trying to get xine to work on my system for months and now i finally have it and it rocks.

    Bogler ;D ;D

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    Spot's instructions are those ones up there ^^^ (not by spot, just sourced by him)

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