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Thread: Linux Mandrake firewall

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    Linux Mandrake firewall

    Using Linux Mandrake 7.2 as a firewall for my home LAN. I'm pretty "newbe".
    Question is: I can't get my Free Agent (news reader) to work on my winblows machine. I assume it's a port that the FW has closed. How do I open the port that Free Agent uses in Mandrake 7.2. Be specific - remember - I'm a newbe. :)

    Tanks a million.

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    Re:Linux Mandrake firewall

    News servers use port 119 usually. Your firewall is probably blocking it. Have you looked in your firewall logs to see what is being rejected?

    I have never used Mandrake. What program do they use to configure the firewall setting?

    Do you know where they store the config file?

    I will see if Spot knows anything. He "was" a Drake user for a long time. He has "reformed" and switched to Red Hat.

    Jim H

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