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    you _cannot_ partiton with DrakX
    to partition, use diskdrake, (log in as root, or run /usr/sbin/diskdrake)
    a good emulator is wine, not perfect but getting there. get the version from
    what do you want to emulate? if i knew some more info i could steer you in the right direction

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    GamezandMSWord (until I get staroffice) By the way. Is StarOffice free? Also, I don't have a partitioner and my HD is one big 18.9 (they cheated me out of 1.1 gigs) GB FAT32 chunk.

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    right, thats better.
    WineX provides a DirectX layer for linux, so any windows programs that use that _may_ run on linux with it. You need to subscribe to transgaming to get it, it costs $5/month with a minimum payment of 3 months -

    some games have linux versions, check out for a selection
    what games do you want to play? i may be able to help more specifically.
    Codeweavers Crossover office plugin can run office and IE
    the Crossover plugin also runs apps like quicktime
    check out details and pricing at

    or you can use StarOffice. Version 5.2 is free, but bloated and ugly. Version 6 is coming out soon (Q4 i think) but sun will be charging for Windows and Linux Versions.
    You can use the free, opensource version of SO,, at they have just recently released version 1.0, which is what i use. it reads basic, and some complex word files fine.

    The mandrake installer has a partition program built into it, so you can do that when you install.
    and, no they didn't cheat you out of 1.1gb, a gb is 1024mb, and a mb is 1024b.
    computer manufacturers use 1000 for these values, so a "20gb" drive is 20000000bytes, or 19.07 GB, so its about right

    Hope this helps


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    Righty. I'll look into it. But I'm too lazy to get out there and buy LM. Hope I can do it soon and NOT fry my HD.

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    Can you boot into Linux, then restart into 98SE, then go into Linux again without blowing everything? Also, Ididn't see Age of Empires II or Expansion (those Micro$oft people$) or Pharoah (Yohoo, Impressions!) on the site. I'm gonna lookinto wineX and also into Star and Open Office.

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    Does KDE Office come with KDE most of the time?

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    Yes, you can boot between windows and linux without any problems.

    Yes, KOffice is included with all of the Linux distributions.

    Jim H

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    Even with Cheapbytes 8.2 Set? ???

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    cheapbytes just resell it, it will have all the same stuff an a pack bought straight from mandrake
    otherwise, you can still grab a copy of the net at

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    Thanks. ML 8.2 is now bought from dis page:;;158

    Also, yet another question. Doya need any special programs not included w/win98se to let LM and Windows run smoothly together?

    Give me all the advice you can about installing and newly running LM 8.2, 'cause I got the cheapbytes v. w/o the manual (do I need a steenking manual when I have the getlinuxonline forum? No!)

    My E-mail is:

    in case anyone was to lazy to look.

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