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Thread: pam_ldap with tls and sasl

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    pam_ldap with tls and sasl

    I've set up postfix in a chroot environment and have copied the necessary
    files (not all though) into the chroot directory.

    I've been able to do a smtp auth using sasl through pam, but when I turn on
    the TLS option, this error appear:
    May 9 21:06:17 thunderbolt postfix/smtpd[2714]: pam_ldap: ldap_starttls_s:
    Connect error May 9 21:06:17 thunderbolt postfix/smtpd[2714]:
    warning:[]: SASL LOGIN authentication

    I've already copied the right certificate and that certificate has been used
    for other pam usage, such as login, etc. So from my deduction, there
    shouldn't be any mistake about the hostname in the cert not matching the one
    I'm about to connect to (in /etc/ldap.conf and
    /var/spool/postfix/etc/ldap.conf, I've stated the ldap server is at

    There should be other thing that I had forgotten? Is it any library files
    that I've not copied?

    Thank you

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    Re:pam_ldap with tls and sasl

    I have no idea. :P :'(

    However a search turned up a couple things that might help. ;D

    Bunch of Postfix links. One is a Postfix SASL Authentication and TLS howto

    I hope these will help you out. As a last resort you might try the postfix mailing list.

    Jim H

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