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Thread: Counter strike

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    Counter strike

    i know that there is a linux version of the CS mod for halflife. but it said it was for servers. can i use that to play CS myself, or do i have to create a server and hope people show up?

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    Re:Counter strike

    AFAIK if you want to run CS in linux you have to run the Windows files under wine. The Linux files are strictly server side.

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    Re:Counter strike

    how would i do that, install it into windows and then have wine read it or can it play from the cd?

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    Re:Counter strike

    I think you need to install half-life into the wine dir's and then counter-strike as if you were doing it under windows. Then you get wine to run cs? I'll have to look around and see if I can find something on it. I've never run wine before so...

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    Re:Counter strike

    yeah, lemme know what you find. maybe i would mount the cd and then use wine? i don't know.....

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    Re:Counter strike

    I forgot about this post

    Do you have half-life working already? Or are you trying to actually just trying the stand-alone version of CS?

    This looks like a good tutorial on getting HL working. I'll keep my eyes out for some other stuff.

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    Re:Counter strike

    i don't have it going yet. i will look into that guide you linked me to. i have had trouble doing a few other things with linux, like the dual desktops and samba, but i am onto the games now :P. i am curious as to what you mean when you say install HL into the wine dirs. i tried to run hte setup program with wine but it crashs. it says it is missing winMM or something. i will be more specific a little later, i am at work and going from memory. :

    keep me informed-


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    Re:Counter strike


    You can play Counter Strike with WineX. You can choose to have a Windows partition on your Linux box or go Linux only, and use WineX to emulate a Windows machine.

    There are two ways of going about an install. You can install Counter Strike into the Windows partition, and have WineX read it from there. Or you can install Counter Strike into a directory that you setup for WineX that emulates the Windows File Structure. I believe installation into the actaul Windows partition is the recommended course, but don't quote me on that.

    After this it's a simple matter of running winex game.exe to start the game.

    P.S. If you get the WineX CVS make sure you get the re-wind branch. Check the winex-devel Archives on how to d/l the re-wind branch.
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    Re:Counter strike

    Hey guys,

    I love CS and play it all the time, after reading this post last week I attempted to install winex ('s latest cvs) and get CS working. I just wanted to say it worked, and let you know it was easier than I thought.

    What I did:

    Downloaded the latest CVS at:

    Followed the install in the readme file: running "./tools/wineinstall" install program from the top level directory (where the readme file is located).

    Note: I chose to install and run CS all from my linux box, creating a virtual "c" drive in my user's home account.

    Next: I changed only my CD-Rom location in the "~/.wine/conifg" config file (or something like that, but its in the readme anyways) to point to where my CD-Rom is mounted.

    After that: I ran "wine setup.exe" from the mounted Half-Life cdrom (note: the sound and installation setup program worked perfectly just as though it was in windows!).

    Next: I switch to my virtual "c" drive and went to my Half-Life directory. Running the command "wine hl.exe" started HL giving me a "MCL" (or something like that) error (this is normal). clicking "OK" through this process works or you can modify your execution of the program by using options listed at the "" website to bypass these error messages.

    Thats it!: Now just selecting "New Game" will start the game at whatever "res" you set the video to (running at you desktop res works best, 1024x768 for me). Don't forget to change your video to OpenGL in game options if you want.

    After this is working you must dowload (to the virtual "c" drive) the current full HL and CS patches (I usually use or Then just run the install files with wine in the appropriate order.

    *Wallah* your done! I currently am running "HL-1110" and "CS 1.5" perfectly in linux. My frames are an average of 60fps with 2x Bilinear Multisampling, but I seem to have better playability through Linux. It seems like there is more real-time connectivity, less, delay when I run on another Linux server, but maybe its just me (I do get higher scores though).

    Also, I wanted to mention that I did not follow most of the info on running any "HL/CS in Linux" posts, as most of these posts seem to be very outdated. All I did was mentioned above.

    My system spec's for those interested:

    Anthlon 1.3Ghz
    512MB DDR
    GeForce 3 TI 200

    Gentoo Linux
    Kernel 2.4.19
    Xfree86 4.2.0
    KDE 3.0
    (latest Nvidia drivers/ running 2x Bilinear Multisampling)

    Thats it, let me know if any of you would like to see some screen shots or have more questions!



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    Re:Counter strike

    cool i hope it will be just as effective on RH :P

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