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Thread: So what are the different versions of linux?

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    So what are the different versions of linux?

    I'm just a newbie and want to know about all the versions of linux, their stregnths and weaknesses, and which ones I can get by downloading or by buying CDs that cost less than $20.
    I'd be glad if you would also fill me in on the reasons Linux is better than Windoze (as you can see, I've already heard and know that Linux's got to be better than Window$.)
    Also, tell me about the sites for linux.

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    Re:So what are the different versions of linux?

    there are a few disussions on favourite distros
    and here;threadid=230

    for losts of all disrtos, look at somewhere like the google directory:
    all should (will) be free dloads from the site or at


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