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    Now i understand --

    If you are a real newby like me !! you may have been looking for config files here and there, making a few changes , that didnt work !!

    I have found a very good tool called WEBMIN, its seems really good i can set my system up for samba, apache, dhcp, user admin, group admin - just about everything and you do the lot from your web browser. I have found this tool really good as it not only points you to the files you would like to know how to change via Term but it also makes the changes so you can have a look and see how its done and what commands you missed out when you tried to do it !blind! This tool works for just about every flavour of unix going - its well worth a look for newby's

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    Re:Now i understand --

    its well worth a look for newby's
    I don't disagree. However, people need to know that webmin MUST be updated to at least v0.970 and that whatever port you're running it on should be blocked to the outside world.

    Even better - only allow access to localhost.

    Even Even better - learn the manual config files :P ;D

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