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    Hi. I cannot install SATAN on my linux machine. I downloaded last version of SATAN. My kernel is 2.2.16
    When i try to install it bunch of errors come up. It can't find my perl, but i have perl5.6.0
    The script reconfigure doesn't start at all and if i skip it and continue to make, it can't make boot.o file
    Please help me. Thanks

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    I didn't know what Satan was I had to look it up. :P Satan appears to be pretty old and doesn't appear to be maintained any longer. Look at section 8.6 here for other options you might try.

    Anyone else know of a good program that does the same thing as Satan? Satan stands for Security Administrator's Tool for Analyzing Networks. I appears to just be a port scanner.

    nmap would probably be another option. It is included with most Linux distributions. You might already have it installed.

    Jim H

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    nmap is probably your best bet if you're just wanting to do port scanning. Satan also had the capability to scan for certain vulnerabilities as well. If you are wanting to do something along those lines, IMHO the best network/system vulnerability scanner is Nessus. It has a nice GUI if that's your thing and it's reports can be generated in a variety of formats and are all very easy to navigate through. The console methods of scanning takes a bit more work, but is still fairly simple. Be sure to update the vulnerabilities it scans for, as they are updated often.

    There are also some other programs that do the same, and each has their own advantages. Bang for buck, Nessus is the best though. Most that have equivelant capabilities are not free.

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    There's another proggie called Saint which is a offshoot of SATAN if I'm not mistaken the same guys who made SATAN made SAINT


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