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Thread: Postfix Name service error

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    Postfix Name service error

    hi all
    i'm having a problem that started about a week ago with my postfix setup. i don't remember changing anything in the config that could have affected this, but maybe somebody could point me in the right direction...

    i run postfix on a dialup box that gets a dynamic ip from my isp. as a result i often can't send SMTP mail directly owing o RBL rules and so on.

    what i do is i use a box of mine on a backbone to relay all my mail, which has worked pretty well: until now.

    here is what i see in my maillog:

    May 8 11:21:32 shiraz postfix/qmgr[20686]: AFCCEF40F9: to=<>, relay=none, delay=0, status=deferred (Name service error for Host not found, try again)

    if i dig mx i get:

    ; IN MX

    ;; ANSWER SECTION: 553 IN MX 10 yyy.yyy.yyy. 553 IN MX 10 yyy.yyy.yyy.

    it would appear that postfix, for some reason, is not able to do a lookup correctly or something. does anyone have any ideas?


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    Re:Postfix Name service error

    Hmmm, never used Postfix, but it looks like it is just a DNS problem. From what this says since Postfix runs in a chrooted jail it uses /var/spool/postfix/etc/resolv.conf not /etc/resolv.conf thats why dig doesn't fail.

    Have a look at this.

    Jim H

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