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    I have been having all kinds of "fun" tonight. > :P

    Spot, t1ck and I were on IRC tonight and we started talking about editing maps for RTCW. t1ck pulled up a link to I browsed a few pages on the website and left. The next thing I know I have an email in my inbox with a planetwolfenstein email address. I just thought what the hell is this? > Well they apparently "stole" my email address from Mozilla1.0rc1 when I was browsing their website. >

    I have been using Evolution as my e-mail client. Evolution didn't show anything in the body of the e-mail, but it did show there was an attachment. When viewing the source of the e-mail it showed at least part of it was an executable. l

    Content-Type: audio/x-midi; name=src.exe

    Content-Type: application/octet-stream; name=NT_winterwaistB0402[1].jpg

    Hmmmm. t1ck volunteered to do a virus scan of it on his windows box. 8) So I forwarded the e-mail to him and sure enough it contained a virus. It contained Win32.HLLM.Klez.4. >

    I was PISSED! Good thing I run Linux. ;D

    Spot noticed this in their privacy (if you want to call it that) policy.

    " For each visitor to our Web page, our Web server automatically recognizes and we collect that visitor's domain name and e-mail address (where possible)."

    Hmmm. If they did "steal" my e-mail address from Mozilla this should definitely be considered a security bug. I never use Mozilla as an e-mail client, but I had the address in the preferences so I could send web pages to people I know. I have removed this information from Mozilla now. >

    I think I will definitely be sending planetwolfenstein's webmaster something about this. >

    Jim H

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    Wow, that's pretty nasty. You should write an editorial.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GonzoJohn
    Wow, that's pretty nasty. You should write an editorial.
    Not a bad idea. ;D I will see if I have time to do that today. ;D

    Jim H

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