Ok, I need some advice here. I work at a small medical clinic, and my company relies on a UNIX system server for all clinic scheduling and patient services etc… We use terminal emulators on PC’s running windows to communicate with the UNIX software. This is all done via a standard Star Topology using a smaller 3Com 8-port Hub, and standard Cat-5 Ethernet cabling.

The problem:

A: My company now wants to simultaneously install a Windows 2K dedicated server for PC application support (i.e. MS Office products and standard forms/file storage).

B: And they want to introduce a standard broadband Internet connection to the office (DSL or Cable, T1’s are priced to high at this time and internet usage will be limited to basic browser use only by 3-7 computers). This connection will be introduced to the LAN via a “Router” or through the Windows 2K server.

Question: What the hell do I do with all the internal IP Addressing issues? The UNIX server of course uses static IP’s for all LAN clients. But when introducing the Windows 2K server, and a possible a router what do I do, or is it even possible to share all these IP’s and Gateways with multiple servers and applications simultaneously on each client computer?

Any help or idea’s anyone may have would be appreciated!