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Thread: Problems booting Linux on large disk

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    Problems booting Linux on large disk

    Hi there!
    I'm having a problem with my computer when I want to boot in Linux.
    I have a 18Gb HDD, and 4 partitions:
    1. 8.8Gb fat32 for Win98
    2. 4 Gb fat32 for Win2k
    3. 5 Gb ext2 for Linux
    4 256 Mb linux swap
    I installed first Win98 (2 years ago) on my first partition (now the partition is almost full). Six month ago I installed Win2k on my second partition.
    I installed last week Linux. For that I created the 3rd and 4th partitions. The instalation went OK. I also installed GRUB as bootloader.When I boot in Win98 or Win2k everything is ok.
    But when I boot in Linux I got the message of kernel panic and some Aieee, ....
    The only way to boot in Linux is to boot from my Redhat CD#1 and at the boot prompt I must type
    "linux initrd= root=/dev/hda6"
    Can anyone tell me how to boot in Linux from my hdd?

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    Re:Problems booting Linux on large disk

    I have seen reports of grub sometimes having problems booting above the 1024 cylinder on some motherboards or if the partitions are not aligned correctly (the partition wasn't created correctly).

    Have you tried reinstalling grub? Did you install grub in the mbr? Did you check to your /etc/grub.conf to see if it is correct?

    Jim H

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