Hi there!
I'm having a problem with my computer when I want to boot in Linux.
I have a 18Gb HDD, and 4 partitions:
1. 8.8Gb fat32 for Win98
2. 4 Gb fat32 for Win2k
3. 5 Gb ext2 for Linux
4 256 Mb linux swap
I installed first Win98 (2 years ago) on my first partition (now the partition is almost full). Six month ago I installed Win2k on my second partition.
I installed last week Linux. For that I created the 3rd and 4th partitions. The instalation went OK. I also installed GRUB as bootloader.When I boot in Win98 or Win2k everything is ok.
But when I boot in Linux I got the message of kernel panic and some Aieee, ....
The only way to boot in Linux is to boot from my Redhat CD#1 and at the boot prompt I must type
"linux initrd= root=/dev/hda6"
Can anyone tell me how to boot in Linux from my hdd?