I am new to the Linux world so please bear with me. I have installed a complete version of Red Hat 7.2 workstation. I am using KDE and have configured my nic card with an IP address. The network that I am connecting to does not use DHCP it has static IP addresses. I can rlogin, ftp and telnet from the Linux box to the other unix network. The network I am connecting to is small only about 4 machines. The problem is that I can not connect from the unix network to the linux box. The problem arose when I was trying to use X server. I wanted to display something from the other network on the Linux box. That is when I tried connecting from the unix box to the linux box. All I get is connection refused. To add to all this info when I installed Linux I chose to not install firewall. So I am at a lose as to what is stopping the communication to this machine??