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Thread: I must be an idiot

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    bleeding toejam

    I must be an idiot

    ???I am running Mandrake 8.2. In the software manager I am trying to define new sources so that I can install software. On my desktop I have created a new directory called 'downloads'. So in the software manager under pathname I have tried '/home/username/Desktop/downloads' . The wizard tells me that there was an error defining the source. I am not sure that I have got the pathname right. Any suggestions?

    :'( Bleeding Toejam

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    Re:I must be an idiot

    Take a look at this thread, it might be of some help:;threadid=470

    I've never been able to add just any directory to the software mangler, it's always had to include a proper file
    On the upside though, it simple enough to install rpms and use the software mangler database(for auto-dependencies and such). At a terminal, try urpmi <rpm name>. That will attempt to install the rpm and satisfy any dependencies that exist in the database.

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    Re:I must be an idiot

    Create a partition with the default "Local" setting "/export" and it'll work fine. I created this and copied all my rpms off the cd's and used it as my only source.

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