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Thread: Mandrake and lnx4win

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    Mandrake and lnx4win

    Just dowloaded the latest ISO from mandrake I thought I would try the lnx4win first as I am a complete newbie to linux.

    Booted of the cd - fine
    pressed f1 to go to the command line - fine
    typed in lnx4win - fine

    error returned - something about it does not exist

    any help would be nice

    Many thanks


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    Re:Mandrake and lnx4win

    lnx4win runs straight from windows
    pop the cd in and click on the lnx4win button on the autorun screen

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    Re:Mandrake and lnx4win

    There is not an option with the autorun, I get a box with help me files but no lnx4win option, from the readme it tells me to reboot from the CD and from the linux command line to type lnx4win

    But this does not work

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    Re:Mandrake and lnx4win

    ok, go back into windows and look at the cd.
    see if there is a lnx4win.exe file and see if you can run that.
    or do a search for lnx4win


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    Re:Mandrake and lnx4win

    nope, no such file???

    Is this available on mandrake 8.2

    I have managed to install full linux on seperate machine to try before I run a dual boot

    any other Ideas will be glady listerned to.

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