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Thread: Semp mainly, but everyone's welcome.

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    Semp mainly, but everyone's welcome.

    Semp: Can you please post your links on stack design?

    And has anyone done much work with writing eggs for buffer overflows or anything? I've tried many times to get the hang of it, and I have a decent understanding of how it all works, and I know how I "would" write my own. It's just my asm output from programs (ie: a program that spawns a shell with execve) is always littered with crap, has a mind-boggling order (pushing the third variable into EDX, then testing some crap, then the first into EBX, then the second to ECX, then calling the syscall to EAX) and without a guide to know what to use (smashing the stack) I'd have no idea what to use really. When I go to get my hex values, there are always way to many, and I can't tell which is for what. All examples I've ever seen, be it Aleph1's or just people helping other people, their asm output is always readable and orderly. The weird outputs are on my celeron 500, and a pentium 150.

    Also, if you know x86 assembly at all , I'll bug you about something else.

    Thanks to anyone that can help.

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    Re:Semp mainly, but everyone's welcome.

    Sorry for the late reply, but I just got use of my arm again (bad car accident). This is the first time I have been back on a computer (aside from work here and there) too. I have found Juliano's site to be very informative on the subject.

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    Re:Semp mainly, but everyone's welcome.


    Welcome back and best wishes for a speedy recovery.



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