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Thread: Newbie Xconfigurator problem.

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    Newbie Xconfigurator problem.

    Hi all,
    Not sure if my distribution cds are stuffed but...

    when I install redhat 7.2 on my AMD 1000 then try to run XConfigurator I get a segmentation fault I was originally trying to change my screen size.
    I instead changed it by editing the XF86Config file (brave for a newbie I know)

    What I was wondering is , is this a reported bug (I couldnt find any mention of it on or are my cds no good in which case other things may also not be functional.


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    Re:Newbie Xconfigurator problem.

    Hmmm, I don't recall seeing any reports of Xconfigurator seg faulting on 7.2. When does it seg fault? When testing your new X config? Have you updated your system to the lastest errata? What video card do you have?

    Jim H

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