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Thread: DHCP and Subnetting

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    DHCP and Subnetting

    If I build my own network would I have to have a DHCP Server in every subnet?

    It is my understanding that when a client tries to obtain an IP address from a DHCP server it sends out a broadcast message to find the DHCP Server.

    I intend to build a network with 2 switches, a vlan on each switch, with a router between them. Would I have to have two DHCP servers?

    Switches will forward broadcasts, but routers will not. How can I have 1 DHCP Server for both vlans?

    This must be a common issue. I cannot see companies in enterprise environments spending that much money on servers.


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    Re:DHCP and Subnetting

    I wasn't familiar with VLAN's. A google search turned up some interesting reading. ;D

    It looks like you can use a single dhcp server for both VLAN's. Search on dhcp relay and you will find your answer.

    "27.6 Using DHCP Relay for LANS seperated by routers

    Ok, so say that you have a network that you'd like to enable DHCP on but it is seperated by a router. Without any specical configuration, the DHCP server would somply send DHCP requests to the BROADCAST network address ( The problem is that routers, by definition, surpress network broadcasts. How do you solve this? Most modern routers support a feature called "DHCP Relay"

    What a DHCP Relay agent does is record the originating network address of the requesting DHCP client and re-sends it out on the segment where the DHCP server is."

    What are you using for a router?

    Jim H

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