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Thread: CD Burning in Linux

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    CD Burning in Linux

    I have an IDE creative CD burner which i want to use in linux.

    I have installed the latest version of cdrecord but am unsure of what to do next.
    I was wondering of i should use a fronend, and if so what is a good one for KDE 2.1.1?
    I have finally got my kernel recompiled with SCSI emulation so it should work

    Any help would be appriciated


    (PS, i just found the RTFM and am looking thru it, so i am doing something towards working it out myself)

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    Re: CD Burning in Linux

    As far as frontends go - the most common (IMHO) is XCDRoast. It does a pretty good job - just make sure you got everything set up properly - i had set up my burner before but i just cant be bothered burning CDs in linux (sorry im a diehard Nero user)

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    Re: CD Burning in Linux

    I would reccomend installing xcdroast as well, I've never used the CLI for cd burning, so I can't help you there. But I think XCDRoast should cure your problems, I hope!

    If you give a man a fire he'll be warm, if you light the man on fire he'll be warm for life.

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    Re: CD Burning in Linux

    I too have problems. I have a CD Burner but when I try to run xcdroast
    it says that i have no scsi emulation. So I did a insmod ide-scsi
    and it said Using /lib/modules/2.4.8-26mdk/kernel/drivers/scsi/ide-scsi.o.gz
    insmod: a module named ide-scsi already exists

    Then I looked in /dev and there are no entries undes /dev/scsi

    What am I to do

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    Re: CD Burning in Linux

    I got it working, but im in windoze at the moment so i can't lay my hand on the resource i used.
    What distro are you using? there may be a few differences if you are using something other than mandrake

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    Re: CD Burning in Linux

    Ahhh forgot to mention the distro! I'm running Mandrake 8.1

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    Re: CD Burning in Linux

    Galik, if you haven't yet you might want ot look at the CD-Wriiting HOWTO.

    Jim H

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    Re: CD Burning in Linux

    this is the document i followed on a plain vanila mandrake 8.1 installation:

    works fine for me

    then cdrecord -scanbus will work (which is the same as what xcdroast is doing)

    My preference for burning apps is CD Bake Oven for KDE

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    Re: CD Burning in Linux

    Thnx 4 the posts. By luck (as disaster would have it) I managed to trash my
    boot sector (hehe silly me) with a hastily modified, ill-conceived and rash lilo.conf :'( Still I learned much (there's something different (dodgy?) about
    the way Linux perceives the order of ide channels on a Soyo K7V when the
    RAID ports are enabled - long story. Still back to topic I had to re-install a
    few times (with differing hd arrangements/BIOS settings) and now my CDRW w0rkz fine ;D

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    Re: CD Burning in Linux

    Never count out the blessings of helpful accidents when trying to get things to work sometimes.

    Jim H

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