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Thread: xwindow problem

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    xwindow problem

    Hi there everyone , when I boot the INIT screen load a lot of stuff but this time some stuff link to rc.d cannot be located . Then after load everything . It doesn't load xwindow anymore but just give me "INIT Id "x" respawning too disable for 5 minutes . When I press enter , the login prompt comes out . At the command prompt I type "startx" and it load me into a GUI enviroment but not gnome or KDE . Fwm or something like that .
    How do I get back the original configuration . I use to be able to boot into KDE with any errors . Sorry for my english , I don't know how to explain my situation .

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    Re:xwindow problem


    You need to make sure your /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc points to the correct xinit. For example if you wanted to boot KDE then it would point to xinitrc.kde. That should allow all users of the system to boot KDE. Now if you would rather specifiy for a single user then copy /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.kde to your users /home dir then rename it to .xinitrc. That will start KDE for that user only.
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    Re:xwindow problem

    Thanks SkyNet , but due to the fact I'm a newbie and I don't know what I'm doing also and is very hard to ask by using text .. I doing a reinstall :-\ as I'm typing . Thanks again . I know running from a problem is not the way but what a newbie got to do

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    Re:xwindow problem

    Quote Originally Posted by alloy
    when I boot the INIT screen load a lot of stuff but this time some stuff link to rc.d cannot be located .
    Can you post the exact error messages that it shows.

    What do these show:

    cat ~/.Xclients
    cat ~/.Xclients-default

    Did you edit your gdm.conf before this happened? When the X start scripts can't locate what your default desktop is it falls back to Fvwm2.


    Red Hat doesn't use ~/.xinitrc to set the default desktop.

    Jim H

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    Re:xwindow problem

    Hi there JimH , sorry but I already reinstall the linuxbox . Just remember that it was loading most of the services are OK .. just a few said something related to rc.d and cannot be located . Then inside before prompt .. it gave the x spawning too fast error message . Thanks anyway


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