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Thread: has anybody installed Redhat 7.2.99 (7.3)

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    has anybody installed Redhat 7.2.99 (7.3)

    I just got finished downloading the .iso, disk 1-3 and burned them to cd. I am going to go home tonight and install it and see what all has changed with it other than it comes with KDE3. I have run RH since 6.0 as well as Mdk.

    Anybody out here already installed RH 7.3?

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    Re:has anybody installed Redhat 7.2.99 (7.3)

    Quote Originally Posted by Cyris
    Anybody out here already installed RH 7.3?
    Actually the first beta is:

    $ cat /etc/redhat-release
    Red Hat Linux release 7.2.92 (Skipjack)

    You may have downloaded it a couple days early. I looks like a second beta is about to be released, 7.2.93.

    The 7.2.92 release contained KDE3 rc3. I suspect that the new beta will contain KDE 3 final now that is has been officially released.

    I have been using 7.2.92 since it was released.

    Jim H

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    Re:has anybody installed Redhat 7.2.99 (7.3)

    I just finished updating my 7.2.92 install to 7.2.93 (Skipjack beta2). 7.2.93 includes KDE 3 final ;D I am typing this out now in Konqueror 3.0. Konqueror just keeps getting better and better. KDE has come a long way since the 1.x days. ;D

    I will probably use KDE the next few days instead of Gnome so I can checkout what is new.

    Jim H

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