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Thread: / is 91% full

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    / is 91% full

    I checked my partitions and to my dismay i found that my / prtition is 91% full, i only made a 220Mb / partition when i installed Libranet.
    My partitions are like this:
    / 220Mb free 18.9Mb
    /usr 1.5Gb free 440Mb
    /home 980Mb free 889Mb
    /boot 15Mb free 10.5Mb.

    Is there a way i can increase my / partition without losing data, or am i in for a reinstall.

    I have a mandrake distro on another partition, and i am thinking of getting rid of it and just using Libranet.

    BTW: I dont have partition magic or any other partitioning program.

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    Re:/ is 91% full

    First, I would check out /var/log and see what older logs you might be able to delete...they can really add up faster than you'd think. I would then set up a cron job (weekly or so) to remove the older ones regularly. Also, take a look arounfdat config files you edited or whatever. Some editors, joe and pico in particular, will create a backup file with the same name, but ending with the ~ character. Those can safely be deleted as well, and the configs for the editors can be set not to create those backup files. Also, check /tmp for unneeded files.

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    Re:/ is 91% full

    O.K. I found i had 89.6Mb of archives in /var/cache/apt so i got rid of them, and now i have 48% used in my /partition. The only problem i have now is that when i started going through my /var/log stuff, to see if there were any huge log files ( there were), so before i deleted them i did tar -cvf <logfile>.gz <logfile> to compress them, then removed them, then i did 'touch <logfile> to create them again.

    But now my logfile filetype is txt instead of log, is there a way i can get them back to the proper logfile type.

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    Re:/ is 91% full

    To rename a file, you use the mv command.
    mv <oldname> <newname>

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