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Thread: Notebook (USB MODEM?)

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    Notebook (USB MODEM?)

    Hello...I am still a newbie.
    I have a notebook with a limited set of ports, none of
    which will adapt easily to an external modem. So my
    choice is a pcmcia card, which is causing me problems.
    I am recompiling my kernel to try to get it to take this
    card, and it is causing fits. So I am looking for an alternate
    way to solve this problem, maybe a better way.
    I don't know if Linux, especially Red Hat, supports
    USB Modems, or even how good they work.
    Anyone have an real experience with this?
    Especially name a few good brands, if there are some.

    How long has USB support like this existed in Linux,
    by the way?


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    Re:Notebook (USB MODEM?)

    I found this at

    The majority of USB modems I would expect not to work. When USB modems first started appearing there were a couple hardware based, but I believe the majority out there now are software based (winmodems).

    Software modem = one of the worst ideas the computer industry ever came up with. :P

    Jim H

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    Re:Notebook (USB MODEM?)

    Well, Jim,
    I was hoping for a brand name, or something from
    I do have this Lucent Winmodem working inside
    the notebook, and it is doing within 90% of what my
    ZOOM external modem is doing on my desktop, as
    far as throughput.

    But, I was hoping to get either a PCMCIA card
    or a USB Modem to work, when I first wrote.
    Because the Winmodem was doing only half of this..
    it was awful and cantakerous...

    In fact, all this was so disgustingly complex, that
    I took all the Linux off and was considering putting old
    BeOS back on, just as a backup, and going back to Windows.

    But I did several reinstalls, in fact, 8 of them, trying
    to get all the things right....My notebook is not exactly
    So by the 8th, I was really thinking BeOS or just W98.
    But I have bought books, and spent much time these
    last twelve weeks, trying to learn Linux. SO I gave it
    the old college try.
    I reinstalled the 9th time, and it seemed to be charmed.
    Everything went right. And when I put the modem driver
    back in, and did the dialup configuration, SOMETHING
    just fell into place perfectly...I know not what.
    And now I have an internal, software driven modem
    that is pumping out those little bits through the telephone
    line like any good external modem. Or close, anyway.

    No moral here, except maybe not to give up..Think
    good thoughts...say your prayers....Be pure
    of heart..well, don't give up, anyway! :-D
    But, hey, it wouldn't hurt to know about any success
    with a USB modem on a notebook, if anyone out there has
    such a thing to tell.


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    Re:Notebook (USB MODEM?)

    Quote Originally Posted by TomP
    I was hoping for a brand name, or something from
    Unfortunately I could not come up with a specific model that works. :'( No one I know has one or knows of any that work for sure.

    Jim H

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