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Thread: dhcp and resolv.conf

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    dhcp and resolv.conf

    I'm running BIND in my linux box and geting IP from my ISP using dhcp (pump in my case). After my box gets the IP from the ISP it also overwrites the resolv.conf in the /etc folder. This screws up my local hosts resolution. I've have to write the my old file back to make my LAN point back to my local named. Can I stop the DHCP from doing that? Just update the IP address, and stop overwrite the resolv.conf.


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    Re:dhcp and resolv.conf

    The -d option to pump will disable overwriting of /etc/resolv.conf. You should be able to just add PEERDNS=no to the ifcfg-eth* script of your interface and it should automatically start pump with the -d option when the interface is activated

    Jim H

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