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Thread: Recompiling Kernel, add HTP370 support?

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    Recompiling Kernel, add HTP370 support?

    Hi everybody.
    I installed RedHat 7.2 just fine onto my RAID. Here is how things look:
    sda1 : WindowsXP
    sda2 : boot
    sda3 : /
    sda4 : swap

    Now I want to recompile the kernel to add NTFS support, but I can't figure out how to also add support for the HTP370 and get linux to boot off of it.I have tried fallowing the instructions provided by HighPoint to add support for the HTP370, but HighPoint does not really explain how to do it when you wish to boot from the RAID, and when your whole system is on the RAID. Can somebody help me please? Maybe lead me to some step by step instructions? I am pretty new to linux, so please dumb down an answers

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    Re:Recompiling Kernel, add HTP370 support?

    I believe 7.2 came with support for the HPT370 controller. Did you look at the 7.2 Customization Guide it has a short chapter on setting up RAID.

    What is the link for the docs you were looking at? Maybe I can make more sense of them.

    Jim H

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