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    Every time i use apt-get i get an error from the above package, it has something to do with fonts and ghostscript, i have tried dpkg -r to get rid of it, but because of dependencies it wont let me.

    When i apt-get a package (no problems there) at the end when apt is unpacking and installing this error about libgnomeprint-data keeps comming up. and apt says 1 package not fullt installed or removed ( i guess its the libgnomeprint-data one).

    So how do i either get rid of it or get it installed properly, i have tried to reinstall it ( thru apt) but it doesn't work, niether does dpkg --purge or dpkg -r.

    BTW: Aragorn how is the OMP on apt-getting comming along ;D

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    I'm not familiar with Debians package manager so this is a shot in the dark. Are you able to de-install it forcibly? Something similar to rm -f?
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    I have tried using -rf but it wont uninstall, Its not hurting my ability to apt-get packages, its just an anoyance ???

    Is it possible to edit the apt-cache and remove it from there ?. or would that be unwise.

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    O.K. fixed it, The problem was that when i updated my apt-sources.list to testing, it left the libgnomeprint-data lib as stable ???, so i had to specify the file in testing and donwload it and then install using dpkg.seems o.k. now.

    It was the same with the locales problem i had, my locales were "stable" but most of everything else was "testing" so i removed them and downloaded the locales from testing, then used "dpkg-reconfigure locales" and know it works like it should.

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