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Thread: screw linux! :P

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    Re:screw linux! :P started all wrong. sure you can run windows on that computer, but start with an old pentium 100-200mhz box. install slack8.1 on there, you dont even have to run a GUI. buy a book or read through some docs

    i started with corel on a pentium 166 with a 2 meg vid card and 32 megs of ram..i wish i would have started with slack on that box.

    but, if your just beginning, dont start with linux on a fast computer....

    the least you could do is run win98 or win2k.

    XP sucks.

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    Re:screw linux! :P

    alright then run along, its ok , maybe next time. but on the side, i play counter strike, and my network sets itself up. i have better FPS than i ever did in windows, i haven't crashed to date, and i don't have any manuals. I would also have to have cement shoes and placed in a car crusher to be helpless.

    Just try finding some docs on X and see if they help

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    Re: screw linux! :P

    I have wiped out my XP OS a couple of times when experimenting with Linux.
    However when you are learning something new you will always make mistakes that is where this type of forum is invaluable.
    I ask all sorts of stupid questions but nearly always get the right answer.
    The people in the Linux forums must have the patience of saints.
    So do not give up.

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    Re: screw linux! :P

    alan2273, his account has long since been deleted from inactivity hence the Guest under his name, so your message will not reach him.
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