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Thread: ran into odd error

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    ran into odd error

    I downloaded a plugin from mozilla, which was the flash plugin. Though I don't think that has anything to do with my error, I'm just listing the steps to when the error occured. I downloaded the plugin to /root/downloads dir. I then opeded up my home directory icon (in KDE btw) and I can't do anything with the window, it just freezes as soon as I open it. anyone run into something like this before, and any known ways to fix it? everything else seems to work fine.

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    Re:ran into odd error

    Have you tried to see if the problem effects any other users besides root? Does konqueror lockup at any other times? What Distribution/version are you using?

    Jim H

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    Re:ran into odd error

    Good questions Jim, I was kinda hasty posted that message since I was leaving for wrestlemania hehe. Okay, first off, I'm using the new RH. It doesn't effect my other users, just root. It doesn't effect Konquer the web browser. It looks like I need to delete a few files. I made quite a few dirs so maybe that set off an error. or it may not agree with flash. lets see if I can figuire out how to delete files now threw the Konsole
    update: looks like I unzipped flash in a bad way. works fine after removing that dir.

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    Re:ran into odd error

    cool, glad to see its fine now
    it would be interesting to see what the problem is, i seem to have no problem with the new flash plugin.
    were you using the "konqueror - super user mode" option??


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