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Thread: understanding .tar.gz files

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    understanding .tar.gz files

    I'm beginning to understand the linux file system and all that. I know to handle .tar files, I have to unzip them, with gunzip. so I gunzipped the acrobat reader. it leaves me with a tar file that contains readmes and such, and an install file. how do I acess this install file in a comand line?

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    Re:understanding .tar.gz files

    a .tar.gz file is tarred and then gzipped, so you have to use both programs.
    The easiest way is to get tar to run gunzip itself.

    eg $tar xvfz foo.tar.gz
    x = extract files
    v = verbose (say what it doing)
    f = unzip a file
    z = pipe it through gunzip
    (they can be in any order)

    there has been a discussion on it here:;start=0

    hope this helps


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    Re:understanding .tar.gz files

    cool thanks for the link, I had most of the same questions

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    Re:understanding .tar.gz files

    no probs

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    Re:understanding .tar.gz files

    Another good resource is "man". As root, unless you have man setuid, try "# man gzip". This will help.

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