Guess, I'm a pre-newbie, cause I have not bought a Linux jet !! I'm learning all I can about Linux and are overwelm of amount of sites dedicated to Linux. But now I'm sad because searching for hardware comparability, I learned at Linux Central, that my 3Com 3CP3617 ADSL PCI Modem won't work with Linux.
There was a mention of a driver 3c507.C for it, a EtherLink 16NIC that may be use, but is questionable. E-mailed 3com, and they reply, "there are no Linux driver for your PCI ADSL Modem", and the model has been discontinued.
At another site, I learn about Traverse Technologies's NET spider-U ISDN Card PCI 128K Modem card. (pricy)
Go to their site to learn more, and they talk about a driver needed with Win98/ME/2K is now available.
I have been creating partitions with fdisk for a year, graduated to Partition Magic 7.0 to manipulate them and I thought it was going to be easy to migrate to Linux.
But I had no idea about these problems with HDWRE comparabikity! I am confused!.
Will I need a Modem for Linuz and another for Win98 ?
I like SuSe Linux 8.0 so far and I"m getting a second HD just for the Linux OS. What other hardware should I checkout before buying Linux?



Dell Diamension XPS T800